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We Fix Your Slow or Dying Website

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We Fix Your Slow or Dying Website​

Mashjoy Web hosting will fix any upsetting issues on your existing website. We even restore dead websites. We focus mainly on security by ensuring your website has a trusted SSL certificate, Speed optimisations, Unresponsiveness issues, Update dead links, Add Additional pages/features and also boost the overall look and feel to be modern. Whichever case might be, you tell us what you need and we will make your wish come True! 

Guaranteed Fixes on any website

Looking for something a little bit extra? We’ve got you!

Website Face Beat

Is your current website ugly/ old/ fonts, colours and graphics just not looking that great anymore? We've got you. We'll revamp it for you whenever you hire Us. A better looking website has higher levels of engagement than an ugly / poorly designed website.

SSL Security

We add a Trusted SSL certificate on your website, this will ensure that any private information shared by your visitors is not shared and is protected. It will also help your website be recommended more by Google.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Is your site not appearing on Google search when people search using keywords? Get us to help you with indexing your site so that you can also be one of the recommended on Google search.

Speed Optimisations

We employ all our experience in web design to make sure your website loads faster, is responsive and your visitors have fun browsing. Slow and sluggish websites are generally annoying to visitors.

Mobile Friendly Site

We optimise your website to be a mobile friendly such that it displays properly on mobile phones and tablets. Most of the web traffic these days comes from mobile and tablet devices.

Mashjoy Features

We strongly recommend that you switch your from your current host to our Mashjoy Hosting so you can enjoy the benefits Mashjoy Web Hosting in terms of Speed, FREE SSL, BackUps, and overall Seamless Internet Experience.

Request a website fix

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