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What is shared web hosting?

With Shared Web Hosting hundreds if not thousands of websites/businesses all share one physical machine and web hosting resources such as IP, RAM, CPU etc. This makes shared hosting the most affordable form type of web hosting in comparison with other hosting types such as VPS and dedicated web hosting. 

what is shared web hosting

Why Shared web hosting is perfect for you?

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Due to its lowest hosting costs, shared web hosting is the perfect type of hosting for bloggers, e-commerce stores and small-medium sized businesses looking to host a personal or business website on a high-speed cloud web hosting server.  


It is important to also note that cheap doesn’t mean under-perfomance when it comes to shared web hosting. All our shared web hosting servers are powered by the fastest solid state drives protected by Raid 10 and include the LiteSpeed web server, Free Automatic SSL, and dedicated resources to run all your favourite web applications. This means you will get all the benefits of speed, reliability and security whenever you host your website on a shared hosting server.

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We have auto installers that make installing content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla a breeze (it takes less than five minutes). You can sleep sound knowing all of your data is automatically backed up every night and you have the ability to restore these from right inside of your cPanel.