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Yoco Card Machine Reviews

This article provides an unbiased product review of the newest Yoco Card machines launched in 2021. This review only focuses on the Yoco Go and Yoco Neo Card machines which aim to reduce complexity and provide an easy paperless card transaction services

Excellent, I have dropped mine a few times and it never broke. They used the same type of plastic casing as on calculators or lego toys.

Both the Yoco Go and the Yoco Neo Card machines have the same standard transaction features. They support card insert/swipe, Tap to pay, Apple pay and will accept payments from Visa/Mastercard cards). Both card machines also have the feature to activate and manage tips.  The only main distinguishing factor in terms of the features is how the pairing actually works. 

1. Yoco Card machine Reviews - Design and built quality

Yoco Go Design – The Yoco Go has an elegant, edgier look with slightly rounded edges and an overall square feel. The design is very pleasing and unique, with the light indicators kept to the top right in a groove cut-out. It also has an LCD retro display with black thick bezels. The card insert is kept to the right of the card machine. The overall card machine is very light, looks and feels like a premium device. 

Yoco Neo Design – The Yoco Neo is designed to look more smarter, modern and simple with an overall rounded character look. The modernity of its design is also boosted by the large full colour LCD touchscreen display which takes about 40% of the entire card machine size. The light indicators are kept to the top and the card insert is to the bottom. The Yoco Neo card machine is also very light, looks and feel elegant. In my opinion, the Yoco Neo’s design is more attractive compared to the Yoco Go’s design.

Built Quality – The built quality is really impressive. Both Yoco card machines are built using hard plastic casing similar to generic school maths calculators. These card machines are very compact, small, and lightweight, which makes it not break easily when accidentally dropped to hard floor surfaces. 

Yoco card machine review Yoco Go card machine
Yoco card machine review Yoco Neo card machine

2. Yoco card machine reviews - Features

Both the Yoco Go and the Yoco Neo Card machines have the same standard transaction features. They support card insert/swipe, Tap to pay, Apple pay and will accept payments from Visa/Mastercard cards). They also have the feature to activate and manage tips.  The only main distinguishing factor in terms of the features is how the pairing actually works. 
The Yoco Go requires pairing to a mobile device with the Yoco App whenever you make transactions. The pairing works via Bluetooth and the phone must have a data or wifi connection. The Yoco Neo on the other hand, works as a standalone speedpoint and doesn’t require App pairing. It comes with a Free 3G Sim Card with unlimited data from Yoco and has a large screen interface that can provide on-screen sales history for the past three days.

3. Yoco card machine reviews - Price

In my opinion, the Yoco Card machines are always fairly priced in comparison with its virals, notably iKhokha which basically sells card machines with very similar features to Yoco. However, buying the Yoco Card Machine at the lowest price generally depends on when and where you buy the Yoco card machine. In some seasons, I have seen the Yoco Go price go as low as R199 and the Yoco Neo price go to as low as R799 when purchased directly from Yoco’s website. Currently, both Yoco card machine prices are at the most affordable price. With the Yoco Go being only R299 and the ultimate Yoco Neo Neo price at R799. The Yoco machine discount prices are not always guaranteed to last very long. I would recommend Creating an Account with Yoco immediately and make a purchase of the card machines while you still see a discounted price. Here is my affiliate link for the purchase: Click here to purchase the Yoco Card machine directly from the Yoco Website>>

4. Yoco card machine reviews - Battery Life

Yoco claims to have improved the battery life on both the latest Yoco Go and Yoco Neo flagship models. This improvement comes after several complaints on the battery life of the their older Yoco Lite and Yoco Pro version because it drained battery even when the speedpoint was not in use, though the overall battery life of the card machine was great. However, the newest Yoco Go and Neo versions deliver up to a full day battery life and come with improved auto-power saving capabilities when not in use.

5. Yoco card machine reviews - Charges and Payouts

In my honest opinion, Yoco’s transactional charges are quite fair, I have not found any other card machine supplier beating their fees or with a better cost-saving approach. Yoco currently charges a transaction fee of 2.95% (Ex Vat) with a promise that the charges percentage will gradually be decreased based on your gross monthly transactions and whether you use other Yoco online transaction tools or not.

The Payouts are made within 1-2 business days depending on the bank times of the transactions.

I should also credit Yoco for clarity on their fees and payout times structure, they do not have any other hidden fees and you only get charged when you make transactions. Meaning if your business is not making any card transactions through the Yoco card machine you will not be required to pay for anything.

6. Yoco card machine reviews - Ordering Process and Approval

When we ordered our Yoco card machine, they delivered it in 2 business days, you might receive yours in 3 days time if your delivery address is in outlying areas from major cities and towns. Creating a Yoco account and filling in the required details takes just a few minutes. Once you have created an account, you will be required to upload a copy your ID or Passport for verification. The entire manual verification process can take about 1-2 business days. It is safe to say that the entire ordeal from ordering the speedpoint to making your first transaction takes 3-5 business days.

7. Yoco card machine reviews - Customer Support

Yoco’s customer support experience is very much relative to how you contact them. Their level of customer support is really impressive in comparison to other service providers. They are very much responsive to the Instant Chat on their website and also the telephone. However, their email support response times are not always that quick, which can be really frustrating. Hence, I would recommend that anyone who needs to contact Yoco must use the Instant chat service or try the telephone.

Final Verdict

Yoco Go review verdict – From the practicality stand point, after having used the Yoco Go for a few months, I would recommend the Yoco Go as the best solution for any business owner who only transacts with occasional clients in a given day. It is the best solution for card or cash on deliveries, startup-level  businesses, corporate office types of businesses or most services types of businesses. Though the Yoco Go is somewhat limited to only work with phone pairing, I can guarantee that the Yoco Go totally delivers beyond its price, it has a good battery life and is very easy to use. 

Yoco Neo review verdict – The Yoco Neo is the best solution for any business scenario and is the best speedpoint card machine in the market right now. It saves alot time when making transactions and buys you alot of convenience because it doesn’t require phone pairing (remember, with the Yoco Go, No Active Phone Connection – No Transaction). The Yoco Go is convenient for any busier business and those with multiple employees who collect card payments. The best use environments for the Yoco Go include: small-medium retail shops, bars and restaurants, ice cream shops, hair salons, etc. Or simply, it is the best business investment for anyone who just needs a card machine which works on its own.

Where to buy Yoco Card Machine

You can buy the Yoco Card Machine directly from the Yoco’s Website. You will be required to create an account under the Yoco website to compete your purchase.
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