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Yoco card machine review

Yoco Card Machine Reviews & Which you should buy?

Yoco card machine reviews

Yoco is a South African-based payments processing company that currently provides four different types of card machines that are designed with a simple, cost-effective, and user-friendly interface. The intuitive and subtle design of Yoco card machines makes it easy to use, ensuring faster payments and serving more customers per day. In this article, I provide an unbiased review of all Yoco card machines that are currently on the market. i.e Yoco Go, Yoco Khumo, Yoco Neo, and Yoco Pro card machine.

Yoco supplies all their card machines at a once-off purchase fee and there are no monthly rental fees charged. The only fees you pay are small transactions charged on every transaction made. Making Yoco one of the most cost-effective card machines for new and emerging entrepreneurs in South Africa. All Yoco card machines support card insert/swipe, Tap to pay, Apple pay and will accept payments from Visa/Mastercard cards. Yoco also backs up its card machines with a great online Point of Sale (PoS) software and a free mobile App that runs on Android and iOS. Both the PoS software and mobile app are very simple to use and do not require any technical training. The PoS and mobile allow users to sell products online, view and manage sales records, send digital receipts on the spot, activate and manage tips etc.

Yoco card machine sale

1. Yoco Card machine Reviews – Design and built quality

Built Quality – All Yoco card machines have a really impressive built quality in general. They built using hard plastic casing similar to generic school maths calculators or lego toys. The card machines are very compact, small, and lightweight and do not break easily when accidentally dropped to hard floor surfaces. However, the Yoco Khumo is a little bit more prone to break easily when dropped because of the large front screen glass panel.

2. Yoco Card machine Reviews – Design and built quality

2.1 Yoco Go Design – The Yoco Go has an elegant, edgier look with slightly rounded edges and an overall square feel. The design is very pleasing and quite classic, with the light indicators kept to the top right in a small groove cut-out. The Yoco Go swipe machine has an LCD retro display with thick black bezels. The card insert slot is kept to the right of the card machine. The overall card machine is very small but yet feels like a premium device. Here is a standalone: Full review and features of the Yoco Go card machine.

Yoco Go and Yoco Pro Design
Yoco card machines: Pairs with as smartphone via Bluetooth

2.2. Yoco Pro Design – The Yoco Pro card machine is designed to look elegant and classic, with ith a sturdy black casing enclosure, a retro screen display, and bright blue indication lights at the top. The Yoco Pro’s card insert is positioned at the bottom of the card machine, while the card swiping groove is located at the top.

2.3. Yoco Neo Design – The Yoco Neo’s design is clean and basic, but it has a high-quality feel to it. It has a rounded rectangular design influence with clear circular designed buttons. The Yoco Neo card machine also has a larger HD display that takes up nearly 40% of the front of the machine. It’s slim and tall, but it’s also pocket-sized, still making it ideal for single-handed use.

Yoco Go and Yoco Pro Design
Yoco standalone card machines

2.4. Yoco Khumo Design – The Yoco Khumo is designed to look more smarter, modern and simple with an overall touchscreen smartphone inspired design. The modernity of its design is also boosted by the large full colour HD touchscreen display which takes about 90% of the entire card machine size. The light indicators are kept to the top and the card insert is to the bottom. The Yoco Khumo card machine is also very light, looks and feel elegant. In my opinion, the Yoco Khumo’s design is more attractive compared all other Yoco card machines. Here is standalone: Full review and features of the Yoco Khumo card machine.

3. Yoco card machine reviews – Features

The Yoco Go and Yoco Pro require pairing to a mobile device and the Yoco App to make transactions and send digital receipts. The pairing works via Bluetooth and the phone must have a data or wifi connection. The Yoco Neo and Yoco Khumo work as standalone speedpoint card machines and don’t require pairing with a phone or Yoco App to make transactions. Both the Yoco Neo and Yoco Khumo come with a Free 4G Sim Card with unlimited data from Yoco, and have a larger screen interface that can provide on-screen sales history for the past three days. The Yoco Khumo also supports WiFi and is acclaimed to be the fastest card machine on the market, processing payments in less than 3 seconds.

4. Yoco card machine reviews – Yoco Machine Price

Yoco card machines prices are generally between R299-R1499. In my opinion, these wireless card swipe machines are fairly priced in comparison with their virals.

Buying the Yoco Card Machine at the lowest price generally depends on when and where you buy the Yoco card machine from. At perfect seasons, I have seen the Yoco Go price go as low as R199 and the latest Yoco Khumo price go to as low as R499 when purchased directly from Yoco’s website. But just like with any other supplier, the Yoco machine discount prices are not always guaranteed to stay the same for very long. Therefore, I would recommend Creating an Account with Yoco immediately and make a purchase while you still see a discounted price. Here is my affiliate link for the purchase: Click here to purchase the Yoco Card machine directly from the Yoco Website>>

Yoco Go sale 03

5. Yoco card machine reviews – Yoco Fee Structure and Payouts

All Yoco card machines have the same standard card transaction features, they basically do the same job but differently. They all take card payments from any South African bank cards with either card insert or tap and go (VISA/MasterCard & VISA Electron) and also support Apple Pay.

In my opinion, Yoco’s transactional charges are quite fair, I have not found any other card machine supplier beating their fees or with a better cost-saving approach that works well for small and growing business owners. Yoco currently charges a transaction fee of 2.95% (Excluding VAT) or 3.39% (including VAT). In simple terms, you get charged roughly R3.39 for every R100 transacted. 

The Yoco’s daily payouts are made within 1-2 business days depending on the bank times of the transactions. My business banks with FNB and we always get our payouts deposited in 2 business days for all the card transactions made before 19:00.

I should also credit Yoco for clarity on their fees and payout times structure, they do not have any other hidden fees and you only get charged when you make transactions. Meaning if your business is not making any card transactions through the Yoco card machine you will not be required to pay for anything.

6. Yoco card machine reviews – Ordering Process and Approval

When we ordered our first Yoco card machine, it was delivered in 2 business days. You might receive yours in 3 days if your delivery address is in outlying areas from major cities and towns. Creating a Yoco account and filling in the required details takes just less than 5 minutes. Once you have created an account, you will be required to upload a copy of your ID or Passport for verification. The entire manual verification process can take about 1-2 business days. It is safe to say that the entire ordeal from ordering the speedpoint to making your first transaction takes 3-5 business days.

7. Yoco card machine reviews – Battery Life

Yoco claims to have improved the battery life on all its current card machine flagship models to offer users a full-day battery life. This improvement comes after several complaints about the battery life of their Yoco Pro and the discontinued Yoco Lite model. This is because the Yoco Lite and the Yoco Pro generally drained the battery even when the speedpoint was not in use, though the overall battery life of these card machines wasn’t disastrous. The Yoco Go, Yoco Neo and Yoco Khumo versions deliver up to full-day battery life and have improved auto-power saving capabilities when not in use.

I am honestly not sure if the current Yoco Pro’s battery has been improved or not since I only own a Yoco Pro which I purchased in 2019. The only verdict I can give to the Yoco Pro’s battery is that it will give you a full day of use if charged to full capacity the night before but the auto power-saving features in it do not work that well. So you always have to make sure you manually switch off the card machine whenever you are not using it to preserve battery.

8. Yoco card machine reviews – Customer Support

Yoco’s customer support experience is very much relative to how you contact them. Their level of customer support is really impressive in comparison to other service providers. They are very much responsive to the Instant Chat on their website and also the telephone. However, their email support response times are not always that quick, which can be really frustrating. Hence, I would recommend that anyone who needs to contact Yoco must use the Instant chat service or try the telephone.

9. Where to buy Yoco Card Machine

You can buy the Yoco Card Machine directly from Yoco’s Website. Buying a Yoco card machine directly from Yoco’s website is the most advisable way since you get to create your Yoco merchant account right away. Here is a Link to Order Yoco your first Yoco Card machine with up to 60% Discount. You can also buy the Yoco card machine from other retail stores and distributors which Yoco partners with, namely: Game stores, Makro, Incredible Connection, and Takealot. etc

Final Verdict and thoughts – Which Yoco machine is right for you?

Yoco Go review verdict – From the practicality standpoint and after having used the Yoco Go for a few months, I would recommend the Yoco Go as the best solution for any business owner who only transacts with occasional clients in a given day. It is the best solution for card or cash on deliveries, startup-level  businesses, corporate office types of businesses or most services types of businesses. Though the Yoco Go is somewhat limited to only work with phone pairing, I can guarantee that the Yoco Go totally delivers beyond its price, it has a good battery life and is very easy to use. Also, its the cheapest card machine on the market, starting from just R299 and sometimes R199 Once-Off!

Yoco Neo review verdict – The Yoco Neo, like any other standalone Yoco card machine, is quite good and performs admirably for its intended purpose. Business owners of any size may collect card payments more quickly and easily with the Yoco Neo card machine. However, I wouldn’t recommend rushing to buy the Yoco Neo simply because of the Yoco Khumo, which is the newest Yoco’s standalone card machine and has better features than the Yoco Neo. New is better after all. Also, there price comparisons between the Yoco Neo and the Yoco Khumo card machine do not always justify why you should invest in the Yoco Neo over the Yoco Khumo.

Yoco Khumo review verdict – The Yoco Khumo is the best solution for any business scenario and is the best speedpoint card machine in the market right now. It is quick, straightforward and you can now, finally be able to do just about everything on the interface of the card machine. The Yoco Khumo is just one of those business tools that are just convenient. It doesn’t require any phone pairing (remember, with the Yoco Go and Yoco Pro: No Active Phone Connection – No Transaction) and it has a full touch screen interface. The Khumo Yoco card machine is convenient for any busy business environment and scenarios, including small-medium retail shops, bars, small and large restaurants, etc.

Yoco Pro review verdict – The Yoco Pro card machine is still one of the best card machines on the market and offers something unique that other Yoco card machines do not. i.e it can be paired to other accessories and peripherals sold by Yoco so you can build a countertop Point of Sale system. Allowing you to connect to accessories such as: cash drawers, point of sale screen, paper receipts printer, etc just like a normal till pay point at retail stores.

However, I cannot recommend the Yoco Pro card machine to everyone plainly. This is primarily due to its cost when compared to all the newer Yoco card machines. It generally costs R999, whereas all the other Yoco card machines are priced between R299-R799. Therefore I do not recommend buying the Yoco Pro if you only just want to start taking card payments for your business, rather buy any other alternative Yoco card machine because they are newer, cheaper, and presumably better. But if you really need to have a countertop setup, then I do recommend you buy the Yoco Pro card machine.

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